Jul 14, 2009

Interview Series: Keeping an Eye On...

I'd like to announce a little project I've been working on for the past few weeks.

In June 2008, there was a SF Signal Mind Meld entitled Who Are Tomorrow's Big Genre Stars. Basically, a group of genre superstars involved in editing, publishing, and writing weighed in on who they thought were going to be next genre heavy hitters in the years to come.

They came up with a list of 21 names to Keep an Eye On.
Now some people most likely had different opinions on what "Tomorrow's Big Genre Stars" meant, as evidenced by the inclusion of Jay Lake, Cory Doctorow, Naomi Novik, and Scott Westerfeld, all of whom I would consider to be some of Today's Big Genre Stars. I'm going to focus primarily on the authors who haven't been on the NYT Bestseller Lists but if they are kind enough to respond we can Keep an Eye On them too.
For my "Keeping an Eye On..." interviews, I'm going to focus on what each author is writing now, what piece(s) of work they think you should read to best sample their style, some various other writing related questions, as well as a few more "fun" questions to let them put a little of their own personality into the interview.
My first "Keeping an Eye On..." interview will be up on Thursday and published on subsequent Thursdays as long as authors are still responding.
If you've got any questions to suggest, send me an e-mail at yetistomper[at]gmail(dot)com or leave something in the comments and I just might pass them on to the authors.


  1. Thanks for running the Mind Meld in the first place. It helped me discover a veritable plethora of new authors to explore (like I needed anymore).

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the series (and was pleased to be part of it). Hey, you know what you should do? Since you seem to be asking all the interviewees who they think was missing from the Mind Meld list, you should, at the end of the series, tally up the "tomorrow's big shots according to tomorrow's supposed big shots", and list (and perhaps interview) them.

    (I guess you didn't actually ask Chris that question... you'd have to go back and get his recommendations after the fact :-> )

  3. That's not a bad idea Ben. And I've already picked up a few books based on recommendations from you and your fellow authors. Maybe I will run a follow-up mindmeld once I get in touch with everyone.

    And I did ask Chris that same question. He just answered that if he was off the list he was taking everyone else with him.


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