Jul 27, 2009

Covering Covers: Darker Angels

I was looking through my Amazon Wishlist's today at upcoming books and I saw that a certain book had updated it's cover profile. To quote M.L.N. Hanover (a.k.a. Daniel Abraham):

"I've seen the cover for the second book, and lemme tell you, it's totally going to fail for you too."

FTW! or is it FTL? We've got the Improbable TopTM, the Tramp StampTM Wrap-Around Edition, and the Deadly ObjectTM. Plus Leather! Who doesn't wear leather? In New Orleans?

I must say though, knowing that I'm going to read this book regardless of the cover makes the Epic TropeFail of this cover almost entertaining. It's laughably bad. The sad thing is that it's actually not that bad for a Urban Fantasy cover.

I expect the story will more than make up for the travestacular cover, just like Hanover's 1st offering, Unclean Spirits, did.

1 comment:

  1. I just want to know who looks at that cover and goes, "OMG I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK!" I'll take your word for it that the content is there, but that just does not interest me in the least.


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