Jul 27, 2009

Matthew Stover to Write GOD OF WAR novel

Over at Rob's Blog o' Stuff Rob has mentioned that Matt Stover will be writing an adaption of God of War. While Suikoden is obviously the greatest video game of all time, God of War is a pretty good one, and with an author like Stover on the case, the tie-in is one I might check out.

I wonder whether it will comprise all of the God of War games (the third of which will come out this winter I believe) or just the first one.


  1. Oh god. You're a Suikoden fan.

    I think I love you.

  2. I will never forget Pahn's betrayal

    Or Gremio's sacrifice. Or how to win her back.

    Or those unclimbable stairs. Damn those stairs.

    I will never love a game as much as I love Suikoden I. Suikoden II was fun too but the series lost it's charm after it went 3D.


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