Jul 29, 2009

G is for Good Books?

Whoever is making the book deals at Angry Robot must have watched a little too much Sesame Street when they were little. Over at their website, there are two new author announcements for Guy Adams and Gav Thorpe. This is after last month's announcement featuring Matt, Mike, and Maurice.

Here's the key pieces of information from the PR (you can read the whole thing at their website):

(Regarding Guy Adams): Now he’s moving into original fiction, with a pair of novels starting with THE WORLD HOUSE. Frankly, we were sold by the summary: “In a room is a box. In that box is a door. Beyond that door is a house. And in that house is a whole world.” The story comes to life when characters from different parts of the real world, and from different times, find themselves trapped within the World House – and not all will escape its secrets. We’ll bring you this extraordinary modern fantasy in February 2010, with its sequel, RESTORATION, towards the end of the year.

I'd agree with Angry Robot that it's certainly a interesting premise. I would need to read a little before I was willing to buy anything however. Does anyone else read the description and think of the Futurama episode where there is a box in universe A containing universe B, and a box in universe B containing universe A?

(Regarding Gav Thorpe): Aaaand in two, it’s GAV THORPE, popular author of bloodsoaked fantasy sagas under the Warhammer banner, now moving into original fiction with a truly epic historically tinged fantasy trilogy, THE CROWN OF THE BLOOD. Tipping a helmet to the decline of the Roman empire and the conquests of Alexander the Great, this sweeping tale looks at what happens when a great general realizes that he’s conquered all there is to conquer, and sets his sights on returning home – only to discover that the empire he has helped found is rotten to its very core. Massed battles, political mayhem and some truly startling priests, it’s a genuinely original retooling of what makes fantasy great. Volume one, itself called THE CROWN OF THE BLOOD, will be published by Angry Robot at the start of Summer 2010.

Bloodsoaked fantasy is always fun. But it's also fairly prevalent so it will be interesting to see what Thorpe has in mind to establish himself from the other books out there. I do like the Roman Empire angle though, it's much more promising than Farmer Finds Sword, Realizes Destiny, And Kills Ulitmate Evil. There is also no hint of magic (other than what may make the priests "startling") so the fantasy world might be more GRRM than Tolkein or Jordan for those mage-haters out there.

Either way, congrats to both Gav Thorpe and Guy Adams!

And for Angry Robot, when are you buying the "P" authors? I need to know when I should send in my manuscript that I haven't even conceived an idea for yet.

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