Dec 17, 2009

New Poll Update: Voting Possible and Additional Options

Having the poll open until January 2010 would help.

Since no one voted due to technical difficulties. I also included the series suggested in the comments as well as Jo Walton's Small Change alternate history series.

The updated poll is as follows

Which completed series would you like me to tackle in 2010?
Vote for as many series as you would like. Any other recently completed series that you would recommend?


  1. Old man's war and the fourth realm are both good reads, and I've always been curious about the Ruckley books, they look like something I'd enjoy. I'd love to find out the easy way!

  2. The Joe Pitt Casebooks is clearly the correct answer and it is a travesty that it is not running away with this poll.

  3. I want to read the Joe Pitt Casebooks but all those Scalzanies vote for their lord and master.


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