Dec 17, 2009

Covering Covers: Through Bended Grass

Fellow book blogger Aidan Moher maintains the site, A Dribble of Ink which has been a favorite of mine for a while now. From reading the site, I know he's been slowly struggling to write a first novel entitled Through Bended Grass He's been working on it for a while but he has always managed to maintain the frequency and quality of his blog without letting it become a soap box for his own work.

But today in a rare blog post about his book, Aidan comfirmed that he has wrapped up the final chapter. While it's not finished, it's a big point in any aspiring writers life and a moment that anyone who wishes they could be a published author appreciates.

I offered to publish Aidan's novel on my home printer for sale in Nepal through the imprint Stomping on YetiBooks. He initially turned down my initial offer of $5 but agreed to wait until he saw the projected cover art to make his final decision. So here's the first look at the cover to Through Bended Grass. Please note that this IS complete finished artwork.

Yes, we do publish books in that height/width ratio. And no, the book is not available for purchase yet. No matter how bad you want this cover on your shelf.

Congrats Aidan!

1 comment:

  1. Finally! Someone gets what I've been saying all along about Cover Art. Designers, take note of the nuances in Patrick's art, there's a lot to learn.

    Patrick, hit me up with an email and we can discuss those Nepalese rights.



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