Dec 8, 2009

Anders the Abominable (Editor not Snowman)

First off, that is my MS Paint rendition of what Lou Anders actually looks like. Over at Pyr-o-mania, Anders (henceforth referred to as The Bane of My Existence) has announced new books. Not two or three little novels mind you.

14 frakking books. Four. Teen.

The problem here is that, as with most Pyr titles, these sound very interesting. I'm not going to recap them all here (use the link, you know how) but fantasy and steampunk elements abound. Unlike most publishers, Pyr seems willing to go out and find the up-and-coming foreign authors that I read about on the foreign book blogs and *gasp* publish their books in the US. Jasper Kent, Pierre Pavel, Mark Chadbourn, Paul McAuley, and on and on.

You would think taken proven sellers in foreign markets and importing them would be a fairly solid business plan. So why is it that time and time again, it's Pyr that is acquiring the US rights to well-regarded foreign authors?

Anyway, 14 more books that sound like something I want to read. That's just what this bibliophile (and his bookshelves/bank account) need. Thanks alot Lou... ya jerk.

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