Dec 9, 2009

Apple Tablet Rumors

Over at MacRumors, an industry analyst predicts that Apple is prepping mass production for the long awaited Apple tablet in February for a March debut.

Why is this mentioned at a book blog?

The report claims that the device will include a 10.1" multi-touch LCD screen, specifically countering a recent rumor that the device's launch would be delayed to the second half of next year and would include a model sporting an OLED screen.

Another claim included in the report is that Apple has begun contacting book publishers about distributing their books through Apple for consumption on the new device. Apple is reportedly proposing a similar business model to its App Store, where Apple would retain 30% of each download's sale price with 70% going to the publishers. This model is seen to be a significantly more attractive deal to publishers than that offered by Amazon for its Kindle Store, where sales are split 50-50 between Amazon and the publishers.

Book publishers may not be the only ones looking to get on board with Apple's tablet launch, as a coalition of magazine publishers just yesterday launched a joint venture to develop standards and business models for digital distribution of their content. Magazine publishers have also been designing prototypes of how their content might be presented on tablet devices.

This thing looks to be a netbook/giant iPod Touch/eBook reader. I'm too bibliophilic to want a eBook reader (Kindle/Sony/whatever) but if I could upgrade my iPod Touch which I use to watch/listen to a lot of video/music and have added capacity for reading books, it's definitely something I would get in line to buy.

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