Sep 9, 2009

Still here...

Just an update as I haven't posted since last Thursday. I'm still alive but doing a bit of traveling and visiting with family and friends. Also attended the opening game of the 2009 Notre Dame Football Season (Go Irish!).

I'm currently reading Paul McAuley's The Quiet War and I'm liking it so far, even though I'm still not that far. Eagerly looking forward to Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl which hits shelves next week.

After that I'm trying a Jack Skillingstead book based on recommendations by a number of authors that I really enjoyed. Not sure if it will be Harbinger or Are You There and Other Stories but that's what I've got in mind right now.

As usual, Keeping An Eye On... will be back tomorrow with an interview with Mr. Bacigalupi focusing on The Wind-Up Girl among other things.

To steal a page from SF Signal, which one of these covers is your favorite? [You can click the picture for a larger view]


  1. FWIW, that Skillingstead cover is not the final one. Th final one os here.

  2. Thanks for the update John, as you can see I updated the original post. I think I like the final cover better but they are both quality.


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