Sep 1, 2009

Why am I not surprised...

Currently, io9 is stealing quotes from my interview, and deleting my comments.

Over at io9 (see how easy it is to link!), io9 misattributes the interview to SF Signal, where I have been rerunning interviews the Monday after I post them here. I'm a big fan of John & Co over at SF Signal and I was more than happy to rerun the interviews there. I have more of a problem with io9 not linking SF Signal or more correctly, Stomping On Yeti, to read the full interview. They do, however, manage to link themselves just fine.

And it's not only the fact that they aren't linking sources appropriately. When I attempted to post a comment correctly attributing the quote (and suggesting that they link either SF Signal or, God forbid, the website on which the quote actually originated from), the comment was deleted under io9's "don't post things that we don't like" policy

Bad io9. Shame on you.


  1. How uncool. They gonna fix it?

  2. Oh, so this was years ago?

    And here I was about to get all up in arms for the cause! :)

    But you came out smelling of posies in the end, right? I've seen your write-ups reposted on io9.


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