Oct 27, 2010

Untitled Abercrombie Quadrilogy?

I was poking around Amazon.co.uk (for a to be disclosed reason) and I stumbled on this potential gem.
Untitled Abercrombie [1 of 4] - Paperback - Due out Sept 1 2012

Or something like this...

Now, Abercrombie is a big name hardcover caliber author (if not, he should be) so chances are that his future books wouldn't debut in paperback. But at the same time, Sept 1, 2010 is a long wait for his next book considering the extraordinary rate he has produced Best Served Cold and The Heroes. Independently, those two facts suggest this isn't a real book. But taken together, this could very well be a paperback release of a late 2011 Hardcover?

Take a look at the product description:
The First Law trilogy was Joe's take on the great epic fantasy tales. Then, in Best Served Cold, he took on a fantasy version of a classic revenge story, and we have a superb tale of war waged in the frozen north still to come. With this, his next novel, Joe Abercrombie is once again venturing in a new direction, and on a new adventure, with one of the most enduring, powerful and popular characters of the First Law trilogy. It's going to be their biggest challenge yet . . .
The description makes mention of The First Law Trilogy, Best Served Cold, and although not by name it refers to The Heroes as a superb tale of war waged in the frozen north. It seems pretty clear that The Heroes is not the "next novel" mentioned here. It promises a new direction and on a new adventure with one of the most enduring, powerful, and popular characters of the First Law. The Heroes takes place in the North (an old direction) and without any major characters (Black Dow barely qualifies) from The First Law. So it's pretty clear that this is a new book / set of books.

But centered on who?

The description is intentionally vauge. Their? Not his or her? There are only a few characters from The First Law that fit the provided description. I don't think it's Glotka or Jezal as they arleady have roles to play running the Union so I doubt they are going anywhere soon. A new direction and adventure could see Ferro exploring the heretical southern lands on her quest for vengeance. But I don't know if Ferro would count as enduring, powerful, and popular. That description suggests something else entirely...

Doth the Bloody Nine return?


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  2. I think the labeling more likely means a 4 book contract was signed rather than a 4 book series. But you never know what crazy ol' Joe will do. He kept saying how the book after The Heroes was going to be his version of a western. With that said I'd welcome a return of the Bloody Nine, but it might ruin the ending of the First Law Trilogy. It is more than likely Glotka or Jezal or maybe even Ferro. I always thought Ferro would have more going on.

  3. Oh how I hope Ninefingers comes back.

  4. Ninefingers is a fan favorite so, if the rumor is true my money is on him.

    Although with a western type story supposedly on the horizon it is hard to say just what is coming next for Joe.

  5. I'd say Ninefinger's popularity is more likely an excuse for Abercrombie to completely ignore him and his fate. You think Joe isn't cackling with glee at his fans dismay?


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