Oct 7, 2010

A Stomping on Yeti First!!!

During my short career as a book blogger, one of the things I've always wondered about is whether or not my blog name was a good choice. Don't misunderstand, it's definitely unique. I just don't know if "Stomping on Yeti" is exactly synonymous with "respectable reviewer of genre fiction".

The one thing in particular that I doubted was that "Stomping on Yeti" would be a website publishers would be willing to quote. Ignoring content, "Stomping on Yeti" doesn't suggest the same credibility that is inherent in names like SFSite, Speculative Horizons, or Fantasy Book Critic.

Now I'm not reviewing to get my name/site in books. But at the same time I'm not going to lie - having a publisher consider my opinion being respectable or well written enough to put in/on the book itself would make my day.

Well, I was surprised to find out from twitter this morning that day was today. Apparently, my review of Moxyland was quoted within the new US edition from Angry Robot. I'm going to have to buy a print edition (even though I already own two copies) just to have a physical memento from the blog.

A brilliant debut that paints a harsh but strangely realistic portrait of tomorrow with a grace rarely seen in comparable works. Make no mistake; Moxyland is a work of art.

If you go back and read the review itself, the context is a little bit more clear. Those two sentences are actually the first and last lines of the review so it's no surprise if they seem a little bit disjointed.

Revisiting that old review also makes me realize that I've gotten away from the five hundred word limit that I originally imposed for the sake of readability. I'm going to have to resharpen my editorial eye.

Anyway, my apologies for the contentless post but I thought it was cool.


  1. I always get excited when I see that I've been blurbed on a book like that. Though it doesn't happen often (in part because my reviews rarely lend themselves to a short blurb).

    I can relate to the name issue. Neth Space doesn't scream respectable SFF review blog either. But after nearly 5 years I'm not going to change it now.

  2. Patrick, you don't need to change your awesome blog name. As long as you continue to keep it real and continue to crank out the high quality of content that you do, you'll get the respect you deserve.

  3. Blog names are tricky. I've always been a fan of yours, though. I've always wondered what sort of metric publishers use to choose review blurbs.

    Congrats on being blurbed!

  4. IMHO, "Stomping on Yeti" is a pretty cool name.


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