Oct 8, 2010

Covering Covers: Leviathan Wakes - James S.A. Corey

I happened upon this little gem in my internet travels today. Leviathan Wakes is due out next June from Orbit (at least in the UK) from author James S.A. Corey. Corey is actually a pseudonym for fantasy writer Daniel Abraham (who also goes by M.L.N. Hanover for Urban Fantasy) and Ty Franck. Ty Franck has worked with George R.R. Martin in the past but this is his first full length piece.

The basic premise:
Hundreds of years in the future, the solar system has become a dense network of human colonies. But there are tensions - the mineral-rich outer planets resent their dependence on Earth and Mars, and the political and military influence they wield.

When Captain Jim Holden's ice miner stumbles across an abandoned ship, he uncovers a secret that threatens to throw the entire system into war. After his own ship is destroyed by a mysterious stealth craft, Holden must discover the motives behind the attack, prevent the largest armed conflict in history, and uncover a conspiracy that threatens the entire human race...
Sounds like an intimate romance, no?

I'm not sure if that cover is a John Harris or not but it is beautiful. I know its a little cliche but I can't help it - I love a good space opera cover. Planets and space stations delightful akimbo, embracing the directionless mentality of space. The rough lines and geometric shapes make me think it's a Harris cover but that hasn't been confirmed.

It's also clearly a "debut" cover. Leviathan Wakes absolutely overshadows the authors name like Neil Gaiman at a book convention. Not exactly surprising, given the fact that the author is as fictional as the story itself.

Leviathan Wakes will be out next June from Orbit (at least in the UK).

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