Mar 9, 2011

Waiting for Rothfuss...

It's 9:34pm and I am sitting in the Oak Brook (note: still not Chicago) Borders (note: still in business) awaiting my turn to get a few copies of Patrick Rothfuss's latest book signed. I've got a copy of each book for myself, one WMF for a friend, one WMF for this sweet local indie bookstore I just discovered, and one more I'm not sure what to do with. Anyone fancy a signed first edition giveaway?

Well I'm sure I'll find something to do with it. A few weeks back I was lamenting the lack of local Chicago proper book signings and my first time at a suburban signing really cleared up why. There are A LOT of f***ing people here. Between 400 or 500 by somebody's estimate, which is 399 to 499 more than the NY Times Bestseller's List Ranking that The Wise Man's Fear earned in it's debut week. Rothfuss found out he hit the #1 spot earlier today and was very proud to announce it to the appreciative crowd. I don't know if he blogged about it yet, so I'm glad to steal his thunder.

Side note on stealing, anyone fancy an interview with Rothfuss's dad and/or personal assistant? They're sitting right next to me and I'm tempted to kidnap one or both of them and get a real exclusive on the 3rd and Final Day of the Kingkiller Chronicles from Rothfuss himself. Although I don't think I could carry both a hostage and 57 lbs of books. Or I could just ask a polite question to see what working for The Bearded One is like. Decisions...

Back on track, I'm not sure if it's ever been confirmed but Rothfuss specifically mentioned that Kvothe's story will end with the 3rd book. Now, this is the same person who announced that The Wise Man's Fear would only take a year to complete but he did seem pretty confident in a 3 book conclusion. However, he also stated very matter-of-factly that there would be more stories set in the world of The Four Corners, specifically stating they would take place either before, during or after the time frame established in The Kingkiller Chronicles. He also mentioned a unrelated urban fantasy novel / modern fairy tale set in Madison, WI that he would "have a lot of fun writing."

Can't help but be jealous. He loves his jobs and kicks ass at it.

Other than those few items, there wasn't really any significant information to be gleaned from the Q&A, aside from the fact that Rothfuss is a consummate storyteller, plain and simple. He's great with a crowd and with the mic, a talent that isn't exactly common in the geek circles I frequent. Besides The Kingkiller Chronicles, Rothfuss's topics of choice ranged from writing related to the truly bizarre. It no specific order, he touched upon the worldbuilding behind his books, breast feeding confusion, semi aquatic guinea pigs, something about giving Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly some type of lessons, a general lack of literary influences, and whether or not Nathan Fillion has taken him up on his offer to help buy the rights to Firefly, Voltron-style. (Unfortunately, he hasn't)

Anyway, I think there are only 20-30 people in front of me, so I should probably put the laptop away. Green than Blue than Red than Yellow than Pink than Orange than Silver than Gold (that's me) than Purple. I'm pretty sure I could have driven to the Walmart down the street and made my own bracelet in the time I've been sitting here. Wish me luck.


  1. I was there!!! :) Second time I've heard him read, and it was great (as expected). I had a red band..... felt like I was waiting forever, but I was glad not to be in the purple group. There were way more people than I expected -- I wound up standing in the back for the whole thing.

  2. Hey I was at this event too! Pretty fun. I had whatever color bracelet went first since I went in before work to pick one up. I asked the smartass question about how Kvothe could talk for 36 hours and call it one day. Patrick didn't seem to realize I was joking and answered me totally seriously.

  3. I'm recently gotten my taste in Rothfuss, Wise Man's Fear is next on my reading list (right when I get to the city library).


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