Mar 15, 2011

Call for Comments: The Old Weird

In genre circles, I hear a lot about the New Weird. Spearheaded by China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer, it's part urban fantasy (mostly the urban part), part dark fantasy, part horror, all strange. I get it, at least mostly.

But what pray tell constitutes The Old Weird? Lovecraft? Others?

Actually Da Vinci's Notebook. Strange dude.

Doth a seminal list of Old Weird stories exist outside the dark pages of the Necronomicon? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.


  1. Yes, Lovecraft is the first that comes to mind. But so does Mervyn Peake. Michael Moorcock has been writing weird stuff for decades. Than there is William Hope Hodgson, Clark Ashton Smith, and even Robert E. Howard to some degree. New Weird has its main roots in horror.

  2. Is the vocabulary really so limited that it has to be called "weird"? No suitable name for a literary style in my opinion...


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