Jan 27, 2010

Nothing new so a question for you...

Between the day job and some longer projects here at Stomping on Yeti, I've got nothing new for you today except for a question.

Which currently unfinished series are you most interested in seeing finished?

Right now, I would probably go with Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. Book 12 out of a projected 20 or so is coming out this year and Butcher only gets better with every book. He also manages to grow the story and his world at a natural pace that rewards long-time fans.

Even from day one there were hints at a larger story that have never been fully explained. I'd really love to see what Butcher has in find for the future.

What's yours and why?


  1. Right about now I am quite hyped about Laura Anne Gilman's Vineart War, even if I had read one book so far [new series and all]. Other series don't come to mind really, because I try hard not to remember just how huge that TBR pile is.

  2. I'll skip the obvious answers for the epic fantasy reader and instead go with Exiles from Melanie Rawn.

    Melanie published the first two volumes of the trilogy in 1994 and 1997.

    Rawn had some serious issues in her life which she needed to deal with and published nothing until 2006, when she returned with something entirely different.

    We may still be five years away from Captal's Tower. At best.

  3. The Dresden Files is definitely up there, but Ken Scholes's The Psalms of Isaak would beat it out just because there is so much teased about this world.

  4. I await completion of the series, and side series, to the world of the Malazan Empire. Once its done, I'm planning a re-read and chapter by chapter chronicle of the thing for my blog.

  5. Like Peter, my eagerness is mostly with the Malazan series. I'm also hyped by the follow-up to Richard Morgan's 'The Steel Remains', 'The Dark Commands' (I think the series is called 'Land fit for heroes'). If the expectations created by the ending of the first book are successfully fulfilled, the second novel will be great.

  6. The first on my list is definitely A Song of Ice and Fire. After that would proabably be Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, followed by Bakker's Aspect Emperor books.

  7. There are too many unfinished Fantasy series out right now. Here's what's on my shelf:

    Richard K. Morgan
    Steven Erikson
    David Anthony Durham
    Patrick Rothfuss
    Glen Cook(hopefully there are more Garrett and Black Company books)
    R. Scott Bakker
    Scott Westerfeld
    Ken Scholes
    Peter V. Brett
    Robert V.S. Reddick
    Scott Lynch

    Really, how can I choose? I'll just throw a dart and go with Erikson's Malazan books, especially since Dust of Dreams ended with a lot of loose threads that need tying.


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