Jan 25, 2010

Don't Call Me Ahab...

...because I landed my white whale. After years of off-and-on searching that evoked memories of Harrison Ford's The Fugitive, I finally turned up a copy of the unobtainium-bound book!

On to the shelf you go...

The full 70+ book collection.

That is all.


  1. Thats a pretty sexy collection on an even sexier bookshelf...

  2. Aw, good stuff, mate. Pleased to hear you finally got a hold of the dreaded missing edition. I'm not sure if I should ask: how much did your white whale set you back?

  3. Is it normal to salivate and scratch at the monitor?

  4. @N.R. Are you talking the last book or the whole collection?

    I found the last book for nothing less than a normal book. I bought a couple of used books so I don't remember exactly.

    @Harry - You like?

    @Photographie 51 - It's obvious you do...

  5. I love it and the shelf as well. In my miniature home, I don't have an HQ, where to put my books, so they are scattered around like an Easter Egg Hunt..

  6. Bloody brilliant and amazing! How about that for getting a set! My Terry Pratchett shelf is the only thing like that I've ruined it the last couple of released with the paperback editions not the hardback - seriously considering going on a trawl for them. Not that I have the early hardbacks but it's nice to see a set coming together.


  7. I love a complete set of just about anything and that set is really nice. I've only just started collecting them myself but now I know how they'll look when I'm finished. So very jealous right now.


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