Nov 20, 2009

Release Date Rage Strikes Again!

I am a frequent sufferer of UKRDR. Unfortunately, my excessive and untreatable bibliophilia (which is troublesome in it's own right) if often exasperated by good authors publishing good books that are not available in the US markets. That doesn't stop British or Canadian book bloggers from talking about them. Mike Carey, Alastair Reynolds, Adam Roberts, Richard Morgan... the list goes on. I get to read about the books, I just don't get to read the books. The only prescription (other than cowbell) is a little trip to The Book D(Free shipping, worldwide!) which has the negative affect of diluting US sales when the books eventually do hit the US market.

The latest flare-up of UK Release Date Rage was a recent update from Chris Wooding on his blog regarding the US release dates for his Steampunk/Firefly-esque hybrid series Tales of the Ketty Jay.

Gather round, gather round. I am very, very (times infinity plus two) pleased to finally announce that Retribution Falls and The Black Lung Captain will be released in the US by Spectra, a division of the mighty Random House. The intention is to publish them back-to-back in paperback in October and November 2011. Obviously that’s, like, way far from now and if you’re reading this in the US then you are no doubt already navigating towards The Book Depository with credit card in hand, appalled by the vast gulf of time stretching between you and the moment when said books are nestled in your sticky mitts. But I’m still very happy about it, so there.

October and November 2011? Really?!?! It's November 2009 right now and I know the first book is already out and the second is to be released next summer. Two whole years to do what? Does Wooding speak only in British colloquialisms? That's bollux.

Publishing schedules suck. Quit trying to make money and give me what I want now. I'm an American, dammit. (Ok so maybe I should just read other books until then, it's not like I don't have a reading pile the size of a small manatee).

But still, The Book Depository calls...


  1. Damn that is a long wait, but it is not too shock from the publisher of A Song of Fire and Ice. I was hoping for an earlier US release as well. But most times publishers are signing books up at least a year out if not further as is evidenced by this schedule. Who knows maybe by than the 3rd book will be ready so we can enjoy a trilogy in quick succession as was done with Brent Weeks and CC Finlay's recent series. Anytime a publisher commits to a new series back to back they are taking a risk, but it shows the confidence Spectra has in the books. That said I may have to join you at the Book Depository through or adding it to my Xmas wishlist.

  2. I feel the frustration, as well. It's annoying to read a great review, and then when I go to order the book for our library's collection, find that it's British only (which we can't order) and that the US version is way, way off in the future.

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