Nov 12, 2009

Reader's Choice: Last Chance for 2009 Books Poll

It's rapidly approaching the end of 2009 and sadly my reading pile has only gotten larger. Looking over the books that I'm still considering fitting into my schedule, the following titles jumped out at me.
What books do I still need to read this year? Select as many as you think. Also, feel free to suggest any other "must-read" books that I left off my list in the comments.

I guarantee I'll read the at least the top vote getter and I'll try to get to the other top books as well.


  1. The Alchemy of Stone and Dead Men's Boots are both really good for different reasons. One you left off would be Cherie Priest's Boneshaker. If you read Old Man's War you'll want to read the other soon after.

  2. Ship Breaker. If that's Paolo's YA novel, you should read that because *I* want to and I don't have a copy. I've talked with him about it a few times, and I'm freaking hungry for that book.

  3. @The Mad Hatter - I knew I forgot one of them. My book pile became distributed around my house and when I pulled it back together I couldn't figure out which book was missing. Boneshaker used to be in the pile and should be on this list (although I can't add it to the poll)

    @Daniel Abraham - You don't have it yet? Nyanyanyanya... Just kidding. It's definitely one I will be reading sooner rather than later.

  4. Jack Skillingstead's stories are pretty damn wonderful, and I'm not just saying that because I blurbed the collection. I blurbed the collection because the stories are pretty damn wonderful.


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