Nov 4, 2009

Chris Roberson Spotting!

Got my January 2010 Asimov's in the mail today thanks to the time traveling mailman and I see Chris Roberson has a story inside entitled "Wonder House"

It's very short with not much of anything in terms of plot (it's obviously not trying to). It's basically two publishers (in an alternate history) discussing their failing brand and what they can do to save it. What I found most interest about Wonder House was trying to figure out what Roberson was trying to say about the genre via these alternate history dopplegangers.

There are hints of publishing monopolies (Asimovs/Analog perhaps)? Mentions of genres getting overused to death (Vampires anyone)? Single language dominance? (The English market...) The comic book medium? The difficulty of being an author trying to make a name for yourself among the established greats.

Lots and lots to think about in only a few pages. Hmmmmmm....

Well done Mr. Roberson.

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