Aug 25, 2009

Women and Writers of Color Suggestions

Last weekend I had the brilliant idea of engaging a rather vocal subsection of the genre community in a lively little discussion. Long story short, they aren't just vocal; they're also correct on a number of very good points, two of which were the importance of trying to be conscious of your unconscious bias and expanding your reading network. Without realizing it, I tended to write off female writers, and I'm not sure why. I wasn't presuming that they would only be concerned with relationships or children or unicorns or something like that but when I reflected on it I wasn't reading that many books not written by my own demographic.

So today I saw this list of Mindblowing SF by Women and People of Coloron There is a ton of info there. They've got lists of short stories, novels, and a list of authors you should check it out. I've looked it over and while I've read some of the authors )LeGuin, Niffenegger, Kress, Willis, Bear, Parker, Atwood, among others) there are a lot of authors I've always meant to read but haven't (Buckell, Russell, Butler) and several I'm ashamed to say I haven't heard of.

So check out their list. If you've read a lot of those authors and more, let them know who they might be missing. I'm not well read but I didn't see Lauren Buekes, author of the fantastic Moxyland on their list. If you aren't as well read, maybe pick up a book or two, try something new for a change.

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