Aug 13, 2009

10 Things I Currently Hate

Ten Things I Currently Hate

1. The Population of Earth - The "not me":"me" ratio is currently sitting at about 6,500,000,000:1. Assuming that only 0.000001% of people write a story worth reading each year, that's still more books than I can manage to keep up with.

2. Daryl Gregory - Apparently the powers that be took my share of writing talent (most likely with yours too) and gave it to this guy. Even if I do ever manage to write a book, it will never be as good as this guy. Everyone should read Pandemonium and buy enough copies to wallpaper their room.

3. The Earth's Rotational Velocity/Human Biological Requirements/Basic Economic Principles - 24 hours a day is not enough time to sleep, work for enough money to eat/buy stuff, and do much else I want to

4. Any Fantasy Author Who Isn't Joe Abercrombie or Brandon Sanderson - Publish on a regular schedule for the love of Tolkien.

5. Urban Fantasy Covers - We get it. You've got nice shoulder blades, you like medieval weapons, you got drunk in Mexico and ended up at a possibly magical tattoo parlor.

6. Fox Executives - If they could cancel you, they would.

7. UK Only Releases - I want Galileo's Dream, The Quiet War, and the latest Felix Castor novel now. Let the Revolutionary War go already...

8. The Dragon Page Podcast - Like I need more stuff to read.

9. Ray Romano - Consider it "Everybody Minus One"

10. Creative Wanderings - I know it's fun, and I know it's good for your creativity and I know it allows me to catch up on other reading. But publish another adult novel already! You know who you are.

What do you hate?

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