Aug 16, 2009

Star Wars Tidbits

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I'm a Star Wars junkie. On Sue Rostoni's blog, she has updated the Del Rey release calendar through 2011.

Key updates with my thoughts:

"May 25, 2010 -- CLONE WARS GAMBIT: SIEGE by Karen Miller. Second part of the two-part Clone Wars era story. Trade Paperback."
First time we've seen a title for Karen Miller's 3rd Star Wars book. She is picking up some of the slack from Karen Traviss who was originally suppossed to be authoring most of these books. If you haven't heard, Karen has recently decided not to pursue any additional work set in the Star Wars EU after her existing contracts are fulfilled, citing continuity difficulties.

"July, 2010 -- Coming attraction by well-known author. Not to be disclosed. I can't answer ANY questions about this one, and probably shouldn't even put it in here. So pretend you didn't see it, okay? Really. I won't even acknowledge your questions about this. Maybe I just stuck it in here for conversation... who knows?"
The key phrase here is "well-known author". Is this a well-known within the Star Wars circle or a well-known author in New York Times Bestseller circles. Are we talking Michael Stackpole (please?) or Neil Gaiman? My guess (with absolutely no insight whatsoever at all): Jim Butcher. He's done tie in work, has a huge following, and one of his two series is ending this winter. But again, absolutely no basis for that whatsoever.

"September, 2010 -- Another one I'm not able to confirm. There might be a book here and on the other hand there might not. Signs point to yes, but situation is hazy. Ask again later, or better yet, don't ask at all."
I'm so excited for this one. It's going to be great!

"October 5, 2010 -- UNTITLED by Joe Schreiber. Oh, is this the first you've heard of this? The first book did so well (I'm projecting here) that we decided another was in order. Just to note -- this isn't a sequel to DEATH TROOPERS -- it's a stand-alone. Hardcover."
I'm hoping this is the result of confidence in the author as a result of reading the manuscript and not merely the fact that the book has an eye-catching cover.

"February 2011 -- UNTITLED novel by Alex Irvine. This is the one that features Nomi Sunrider. Hardcover."
I've spoken with Alex as part of the Keeping An Eye On interview series. And this is one I'm really keeping an eye on even more so after he provides a few teases. I believe this got pushed a few months though, which sucks.

"April 2011 (maybe late March) -- CONVICTION by Aaron Allston. Fate of the Jedi book seven. Yes, we just decided on the title. Nice, huh? Hardcover."
Conviction, eh? Little interplay between legalese conviction and moral conviction. They've been using these 1 word titles for a while and they are running out of words that will easily generate buzz like Legacy of the Force titles Sacrifice or Betrayal. I guess at this point you settle for ambiguity.

"September 2011 -- UNTITLED by Timothy Zahn. Set after ALLEGIANCE, the working title is CHOICES --- probably won't be the final title, though. Hardcover."
Tim Zahn is one of my favorite authors but his recent Star Wars work has left me unimpressed. Still The Thrawn Trilogy and the non-SW Conqueror's Trilogy are some of my favorite reads ever.

"October 2011 -- UNTITLED by Jeff Grubb. Paperback."
I believe this is a new announcement. Don't know anything about Jeff Grubb. Time to go digging.
In addition to Sue's blog she also noted on the message boards that both Elaine Cunningham's Blood Oath and Karen Traviss's Untitled Boba Fett Stand-Alone have been canceled. Blood Oath has been delayed off and on as I've mentioned previously. The Boba Fett book falls into the category of that uncontracted work which Karen Traviss is not interested in pursuing.

Sue had this to say:

"You'll still be getting Zekk's story -- it'll just come out in different ways."
Also, just a reminder that Troy Denning's Abyss comes out tomorrow. This is book 3 of the Fate of the Jedi series and I really hope the plot picks up. Book 4 doesn't come out until next March and if they don't give the readers something in this book after a mediocre Book 2 (Review Here), they are going to give up on this series.

Thanks to for the links!

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