Dec 14, 2011

WWLD: What Would Lucas Do?

Ensign: But sir, I don't know if the market can stand another sequel.

Captain: Acknowledged. Reverse thrusters. Full power.

Ensign: Sir, are you sure, that would mean...

Captain: Yes, ensign - it's time for


The sad thing is that if the upcoming movie does well, this is only going to get worse.

Have we learned nothing from Dune or Pern?

1 comment:

  1. The problem with Dune is that KJA and Brian Herbert are hacks that crapped all over Frank Herbert's universe and show no intention of stopping.

    My wife's been a huge Pern fan all her life, and though she doesn't think the newer books are as good as the old one, they're still must-reads to her.

    I've yet to read last two Enderverse books (okay, three counting War of Gifts) and I admit that Card's writing has been in a steep decline for a decade or so, but I'd totally pick this book up. I trust Card enough (still) to hope it will be simply a historical standalone "historical" story with few direct ties to the other books.


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