Jan 17, 2011

SciFi and Fantasy: The New Class (2011 Debuts)

It's January in the blogosphere and if you've been around long enough you know that means Anticipated Book Lists™. It's like watching the leaves changing in New England. A bunch of people show up, repeat a few cliches, and then return to their day jobs in no time. In our case, that means posting excerpts and non-confrontational reviews amidst the self promotion.

Regarding the lists themselves, I think there might be more lists than the number of different books that fill them. The Heroes. Embassytown. The Wise Man's Fear. The Crippled God. A perpetual slot reserved for A Dance With Dragons. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm not looking forward to them - there's no denying the anticipation surrounding these books. EVERYONE is talking about them. Which is why EVERYONE keeps talking about them.

But for me, repeating the hype in my own (much smaller) corner of the blogosphere doesn't feel like contributing much. And if that's my game, reposting cover art would at least save me some time. So instead, I've decided to focus on the books that no one is talking out, the authors that could use the most attention - the noobs of 2011.

So over the next week, the posts on Stomping on Yeti will be geared toward with a focus on a different subgenre each day. Let's just call it ...

Marrying a graphic designer has it's advantages.

Here's the schedule.

Monday: Science Fiction
Tuesday: Fantasy
Wednesday: Urban Fantasy & Horror
Thursday: Literary Crossover and Short Fiction
Friday: Young-Adult and Middle-Grade
Saturday: Looking further...
Sunday: Index / Release Calendar
Monday: Comments Section

Stay tuned...

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