Jan 11, 2011

Obligatory Hugo Eligibility Post

I didn't write anything, much less publish anything this year, please stop rubbing it my face.

Also, why does anyone bother to do this anyway? I thought the award process was just Mieville and Bacigalupi fighting to the death, irregardless of whether or not they have qualifying works or not.

I pledge my Hugo votes (if I have any, not really sure) to authors who do not shamelessly pimp their own work. I just need to find a handy list of authors who don't do this. If you are an author who doesn't do this, could you post something on your blog or website explaining this and making sure I know which works of yours are eligible so I can vote for them?

That is all. Thanks!


  1. Mieville v Bacigalupi is OK by me. Or throw VanderMeer and Mark Charan Newton into the fray and have a new weird cage match. Even better.

  2. It only defaults to Mieville vs Bacigalupi in years when Connie Willis doesn't have something on the ballot. When she does, Mieville and Bacigalupi are given a 15 minute head start before Willis sets out with a helicopter and rifle.

    It's all in the Hugo rules, man.

  3. I forgot about the Willis cause. Which is also the source material for Die Hard.


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