Dec 5, 2010

Covering Covers: The Scarab Path by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Cover Artist: Unknown

US fans of Adrian Tchikovsky will be happy to know that Pyr will continue their import business with the 5th book in his Shadows of the Apt series. The Scarab Path will hit shelves on April 26, 2011 so you may want to keep your eyes open for the technicolor monstrosity above.

Historically, Pyr has covered Tchaikovsky's books with strong work from Jon Sullivan. The combination of bold font treatment and eye-catching color palates work together to create some really striking art. Or at least they have in the past.

I don't know if Sullivan (who was also responsible for the UK covers) returned for the latest volume or not but the cover of The Scarab Path appears to feature a six year old boy who recently ingested a stick of Willy Wonka's Three Course Dinner Gum. It's disobeying Marmaduke's Law - just because you can CGI it, doesn't mean you should. To the juicing room!

But on a more serious note, The Scarab Path continues Tchaikovsky's unique insect inspired world. Here's the blurb:

The war with the Wasp Empire has ended in a bitter stalemate, and Collegium has nothing to show for it but wounded veterans. Cheerwell Maker finds herself crippled in ways no doctor can mend, haunted by ghosts of the past that she cannot appease, seeking for meaning in a city that no longer seems like home. The Empress Seda is regaining control over those imperial cities who refused to bow the knee to her, but she draws her power from something more sinister than mere armies and war machines. Only her consort, the former spymaster Thalric, knows the truth, and now the assassins are coming and he finds his life and his loyalties under threat yet again. Out past the desert of the Nem the ancient city of Khanaphes awaits them both, with a terrible secret entombed beneath its stones...
The Scarab Path is due out on April 26th from Pyr.


  1. really. its not that bad. quite anime-ish in a way. sure there is a bit too much going on but really. in fact, i'll take that over some shitty YA covers.and...wait, how come YOU were the first one to get the cover ALONG with the news that pyr was going to continue publishing that series.

  2. That information is freely available to those who know where to look for it. No special treatment from Pyr here.


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