Apr 19, 2010

YetiMoon: Open Call for Content


In the near future, yours truly will be taking an extended leave of absence. Don't worry, I should be back in a few weeks. I'm taking the soon-to-be Mrs. Yetistomper on a bit of a peregrination to celebrate our imminent nuptials and to reward her for putting up with my unabashed geekery for far too long. [She just helped me move my 1,000+ book collection from one apartment to another.]

During that time, I will be completely AFK and aside from a few posts that I have prepared in advance, things will be pretty slow around here.

That is, unless any bloggers, authors, or other genre informed people would be interested in composing a short guest post to keep things interesting around here. Think of it as a wedding gift for all the quality content words you've read here in the past several months. You can talk about your book, your blog, or whatever you want [pending my editorial discretion].

If you are interesting in contributing something but don't have any idea what to write about, here are a couple topics that I've been toying with recently.

-The underlying differences in the cover philosophies of UK and US publishers
-Overused and underrated interview topics
-How to give a good person a bad review
-Does a blogger "owe" anything to a publisher?
-Numerical Ratings: Why or Why Not?

If you would be interested in contributing a guest post help to fill the vacancy, please reach out to me via my blog email address: YetiStomper[at] gmail[dot]com

1 comment:

  1. Peregrination...good word Mr. Yetistomper. Just one of the reasons I love you.

    Love, Soon-to-be Mrs. YetiStomper aka YetiStompette ;)


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