Apr 19, 2010

Congratulations to Ted Kosmatka!

Last week, word around the twitterverse was congratulations were in order as short fiction author Ted Kosmatka has sold his first novel!

Kosmatka is an author I've been watching since I interviewed him as part of my Keeping An Eye On series [and one well worth watching]. I reached out to Ted to offer my congratulations and find out a little bit more about the sale so I could share the good news with whoever reads this here.

The novel will be published by Del Rey and is tentatively titled The Helix Game.

Here is what Ted had to say:

The novel is a totally new, and not based on any of my previously published work, though it it does sit in the same general wheelhouse as my shorter fiction. It's a hard sci-fi set partially in laboratories, and it deals with genetics, virtual reality, and nature consciousness, among other things. Also, there's genetically engineered creatures. And the Olympics. And did I mention creatures?
Sound very interesting especially considering it's coming from Kosmatka. Unfortunately, there isn't an estimated release date at this point so there's no way of knowing how long until I can get my hands on it. Look for updated information as it comes available.

Congratulations again to Ted!

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