Feb 10, 2010

New John Jackson Miller Star Wars Series Announced

Today Dark Horse issued a press release announcing John Jackson Miller's next Star Wars project. The ending of his current series, Knights of the Old Republic, was announced a few months ago and since then he's been teasing something special. Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR to its fans, is my favorite active Star Wars series and one I will definitely miss. Miller does a great job of recreating the feel of the original trilogy with a mixture of humor, action, and a touch of darkness. So many Star Wars authors fail to recreate the combination successfully. I was sad to see KOTOR come to a close.

But from the sound of it, Miller's next series, Knight Errant, has the potential to be even greater. Here is the core of Dark Horse's summary:

Set one thousand years before Episode I, in a time referred to as the “Dark Age of the Republic,” this story takes place in an era when the Sith were legion and the Republic was strained to the breaking point, leaving large swaths of the galaxy with no one to turn to. This pivotal time in the history of Star Wars has been largely unexplored, until now.

Additionally, for the first time ever, the writer of this new comics series will also be authoring a novel for Del Rey Books, set in the same era and involving the same cast of characters in an all-new adventure. It’s going to be a unique event for Star Wars, and one that will give fans a whole new perspective on the galaxy.

“There’s such wonderful chaos going on in the galaxy in this period,” said writer John Jackson Miller. “More than a generation before Darth Bane introduced the Rule of Two, Sith Lords are colliding not just with the Republic, but with each other. Kerra’s going to find that good intentions just may not be enough in a galaxy gone mad! This is a wide-open area to explore, and I’m thrilled that Dark Horse and Del Rey have given me this opportunity to do so.”
So we get a monthly comic series and a full length novel (if not more than one) set in a extremely unexplored timeline teeming with Jedi and Sith. It's Miller's debut novel but he has done prose work for the Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith eBook series. I haven't read enough of it to form a solid opinion but I'm excited to read more (and not off my Kindle app). This also marks one of the few female centered series in the history of Star Wars projects so this project breaks new ground in more than a few ways.

Over at Faraway Looks, JJM's personal blog, he sheds a little more light on the subject and how excited he is to be continuing his Star Wars work.

Congrats to Miller! I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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