Jun 2, 2009

What to Read Next?

Last week, I bought China Mieville's The City & The City and it's currently been sitting at the top of my To-Be-Read Mountain. However, today Joe Abercrombie's new book, Best Served Cold arrived via Air Mail from jolly old England. The UK Edition has an earlier release date and a significantly better cover than the US edition so it was really a no brainer. Now that I have both sitting on my bookshelf, I don't know what to read next. I haven't read Mieville before and I am hearing a lot of good things about The City and The City but at the same time I read Abercrombie's First Law trilogy earlier this year and I absolutely loved it. It's a question of sampling a new dish that everyone is raving about or ordering one of your favorite meals. I'm not sure which to read but it's not a bad problem to have.

Any suggestions?

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