Jun 24, 2009

Star Wars News Round Up

I'm a shameless Star Wars geek but I will keep it brief.

Omen (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 2) came out yesterday. Look for a review sooner rather than later. You can welcome Christie Golden to the New York Times Bestselling Author list next week.

Fate of the Jedi Book 5 was given the title Allies. Like Omen, Allies will be written by Christie Golden. It will hit shelves in March 2010 as a Hardcover.

Blood Oath by Elaine Cunningham will hopefully be released in April 2010. I posted about the delay earlier here. According to Sue Rostoni over at the StarWars boards, the book was delayed due to "events beyond the author's control, or wishes." If there were in fact circumstances beyond her control, I apologize and I hope that everything turns out okay. More on Blood Oath as details surface.

Lastly, there is a preview section for Issue #2 of Dark Horse's new series, Invasion, which is set during the NJO. Insanely obsessed fans like me will know that the extragalactic Invasion story arc was originally proposed by Dark Horse but somehow Del Rey ended up with a 21 book arc instead. Check it out over at Dark Horse and pick up issue #1 at your local comic shop on July 1st.

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