Aug 12, 2010

YetiContest: Complete Long Price Quartet - Daniel Abraham

I don't do contests around here very often. I consider it one of the cardinal sins of blogging. I've given away a few books when I've somehow ended up with an extra copy or two for one reason or another. I just don't think that contests = content. But for every rule there is an exception.

So I present to you a contest. Daniel Abraham is an author who I originally interviewed last year and an author I've enjoyed immensely. He's also a criminally underread author, particularly his excellent Long Year Quartet which was inexplicably undermarketed by Tor. Since then, he has shifted to Orbit, who has republished The Long Price Quartet in a pair of giant omnibus editions. Orbit is also publishing his new fantasy series, The Dagger and The Coin which I am very excited to read (as is everyone's favorite Inkboy who has an early synopsis over on his blog). Unfortunately, I don't have any early copies of that to give away.

What I do have though, is not one but two sets of the handsomely covered Omnibus editions from Orbit - Shadow and Betrayal and Seasons of War.

Shadow and Betrayal - In a remote mountain academy, the politically expendable younger sons of the Great Houses study for an extraordinary task. Most will fail, some will die, but the reward for the dedicated few is great: mastery of the andat, and the rank of Poet. Thanks to these men - part sorcerers, part scholars - the great city-states of the Khaiem enjoy wealth and power beyond measure, and the greatest of them all is Saraykeht: glittering jewel of the Summer Cities. There are those in the world, however, who envy such wealth. There are great riches to be had in the Summer and Winter Cities, and only the threat of the andat unleashed holds the enemies of the Khaiem in check. Conflict is brewing in the world. Alliances will be broken and friends betrayed. The lowly will be raised up, the mighty will fall and innocents will be slaughtered. And two men, bound to each other by an act of kindness and an act of brutality, may be all that stands between the civilised world and war. War and something worse ...

Seasons of War - The poets and their magical andat have protected the cities of the Khaiem against their rivals in Galt for generations. Otah, Khai of the Winter City of Machi, has tried for years to prepare his people for a future in which the andat can no longer be safely harnessed. But his warnings have been ignored, and now it-s too late.A ruthless, charismatic Galtic general believes he has found a way to strip the andat of their power. If he is wrong, Galt will be destroyed. If he is right, the Khaiem will fall. Only one thing is certain: conflict is inevitable, and Otah and his old friend and enemy the disgraced poet, Maati, must fight a desperate battle to protect their cities from slaughter. These two men, bound together by shadow and betrayal, will bring the world to the edge of a cataclysm unlike anything either side had imagined. For if the cost of war is high, the price of peace may be unimaginable . . .

To enter, simply send an email with "The Long Price" in the title and your name and snail mail information in the body to yeticontest [at] gmail [dot] com. Obviously, if you have used email before, you know you need to replace the words with an @ symbol and a .

The contest will run until Friday, August 20th at 11:59pm when two lucky winners will be drawn using a randomizer. That is if I don't decide to just pocket these awesome editions for myself. Good luck!


  1. Patrick,

    I've just recently found your site and have enjoyed reading your reviews. I look forward to reading The Long Price Quartet. As well as other books by Abraham.

  2. Are those hardback or trade paper backs? Just curious.

  3. @Lynn - Thanks! Abraham is quality. He also writes some fun Urban Fantasy as M.L.N. Hanover

    @Chad - TPBs. But they are nice.

  4. Thanks.

    I admit to being a bad book buyer; I primarily buy online which helps hurt brick and mortar stores (B&N is be sold for ***** sake!). I imagine these books are thick. That said, I'd rather buy the trade paper back. They last longer when it comes to giant books.

  5. Hi Patrick,
    just want to let you know that I posted about your giveaway in my post Edi's Weekend Wave #33
    Daniel Abraham deserve that more people get to know and read his books.

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