Sep 2, 2012

Shut Up and Take My Money - Redesigned Game of Thrones House Sigils

Over on, Lauren Davis posted a link to graphic designer Darrin Crescenzi's passion project - a corporate rebranding of the House Sigils from Game of Thrones. Crescenzi, who has previously worked with Nike, Livestrong, and Project (RED) on various projects, gives each house sigil a modern day makeover with clean lines and bold colors.

The designs themselves are pretty sweet (you can buy a print (update: sold out) from Crescenzi for $35) but I think that they could go a step further. You know what I'm talking about: Game of Thrones house polo shirts.

Instead of the Ralph Lauren polo player, the Lacoste alligator, or the Banana Republic elephant, I'd love to shirts sporting the Stark direwolf, the Lannister lion, the Targaryen dragon, the Tyrell rose, or the Greyjoy kraken. Crescenzi's simple designs would translate perfectly to the embroidered logo featured on most brand polos. It would be a great way to let your geek flag fly without .

Provided, of course, that we can wear our house colors without resorting to the old rivalries. We wouldn't want another Red Wedding, would we?


  1. You know i am sure there is a place on the web that would make shirts like that.

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