Jun 29, 2012

Red (,White, and Blue) Country

A bit of fortunate news for American fans of Joe Abercrombie (and his little known writing partner Jim Fitch). Orbit's new US manager Dan "Sandy" Glokta has improved the performane of the publishing team so much that the US release of Abercrombie's latest, RED COUNTRY, has been moved up to October 23rd from its originally scheduled November 20th date.

That means that US fans will only need to avoid online spoilers for less than a week (5 days to be exact) after their British counterparts race through what is sure to be one of the year's best fantasy titles.

On the mumbly side of the big lake (that's what they call it right?), there is still no sign of the UK artwork which means I don't know which copy to order now. They would both be on my doorstop at about the same time so I guess I need to go with whichever one is prettier. As the swamp attack always says "We will see."


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