Apr 5, 2012

Book Trailers Still Suck

Fresh off this morning's cover debut from Orbit, Gollancz fires back with A RED COUNTRY book trailer.

When are publishers going to stop wasting their time on these?

Not only does it not convey Abercrombie's tone at all (unless A RED COUNTRY represents a significant departure from his style), it just looks awful. There is a static "texture" filter placed over some CGI nonsense cut from a 1997 PC game. And that scream?



  1. Confirms Logen Nine-fingers though, so that's something..

  2. You know the BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH trailer was very good. Same publisher, oddly enough.

  3. The trailer gave me the impression that A RED COUNTRY is a western.

  4. ediFanoB - I thought it was established from Joe's blog that it would definetely have a 'western' feel to it, looking at his mentioned inspirations and material.

    I've never bothered with the trailers, I steer way clear kind of like I used to do with books with horrendous covers.

    // pnorl - TheBleakShore.blogspot.com

  5. YES, thank you. I've yet to see a good book trailer. Publishers, please stop. Or step up the quality/thought/effort that goes into them.

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