Mar 18, 2012

Stupidest Thing I've Seen On Twitter Today

Someone is positing that District 9 is a better SFF film than Back to the Future.

That's not even debatable. I don't know if I would put District 9 ahead of Back to the Future 3.

In other news, Ian Tregillis's THE COLDEST WAR is everything BITTER SEEDS was and more. I can't think of a series that I'd more love to see on the big screen. Characters, action, plot - I love this book too much to finish it.


  1. BTTF is one of the best SF movies, period, and has stood the test of time.

  2. BTTF all the way!
    Wait, you've read "The Coldest War"? Jealous!

  3. They may have SF in common but other than that they are hard to compare. BTTF is comedy, District 9 is a thriller. (And for my money, I'd rather watch District 9 over again before BTTF.)


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