Oct 4, 2011

Call for Comments: What 2012 DEBUTS are you anticipating?

We are rapidly approaching the end of the year. Which means two things: looking back and looking forward. I like to maintain more of a future-focused blog, so I'd like to hear what NEW authors you are looking forward to reading in 2012 so I can better direct my research and pieces in the coming months.

Well, minions, what say you? What new authors are you most anticipating next year?


  1. Man, I don't even know what new authors are coming out in 2012. I'd like to know, though. I'll have to keep an eye on your blog. By the way, my debut novel is coming in November. That's close to 2012, right? And I'm way excited about that!

  2. Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan. Coming from Solaris. Heard her read at Fantasycon 2011 and I think it will be huge.

  3. I'm looking forward to both Empire State (Adam Christopher) & Carpathia (Matt Forbeck) from Angry Robot, and the new supervillian anthology edited by Tom Cardamone from Lethe Press.

  4. I look forward to following new authors and their debut novels
    - Empire State by Adam Christopher
    - Babylon Steel by Gaie Sebold
    - Giant Thief by David Tallerman
    - The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle

  5. Here is my short list of debuts to watch for:
    The Games by Ted Kosmatka
    The Scar by Sergey & Marina Dyachenko
    Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson
    Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed
    Seven Princes by John R. Fultz
    Giant Thief by David Tallerman
    Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

    Still waiting to hear release info:
    Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson

  6. ISMS a faery mobster story by Kevin Bertazzon

  7. I'm looking forward to Anne Lyle's Alchemist of Souls, Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon and Jay Kristoff's Stormdancer.


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