Sep 27, 2011

In Which I Disguise Self Interest As Compassion


I want you to give Tobias Buckell money. Not because he deserves it (he does). Not because he needs it (I'm sure he wouldn't say no). Not even because he got a raw deal when his publisher decided not to continue publishing his Xenowealth books (those bastards!)

You should give Tobias Buckell money because I want to read his next Xenowealth book and I won't be able to do it unless other people contribute to his Kickstarter. This may appear to be a nice post about contributing to a worthy author, but make no mistake, it's not. It's a shameless plug for me to get what I want: a sequel to Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, and Sly Mongoose. And to do that, I need you to contribute to the Kickstarter account for the 4th Xenowealth book,  The Apocalypse Ocean. And don't try to pull any of that "the rest of the loyal YetiStomper minions will pick up the slack" nonsense. I've got like 14 readers, total, and only one is ugly enough to be considered minion-esque. So when I say you, I mean you, not them, do you understand me?

There are various tiers of patronage each of which will buy you a continually more impressive book package. Tier 1 is an eBook, Tier 2 is a Hardcover + eBook, and so and so forth, up to Tier 26 after which he will name his next child whatever you want for a mere $2,426,982. He's looking to get $10,000 in seed contributions and currently sitting at around 45% of that total.

So I'm asking you, as an unapologetically self-interested fan of Buckell's work, to help make The Apocalypse Ocean a reality. You can do it because Buckell is a good author and he writes stuff worth reading. Or maybe you're the human personification of a Care Bear Stare, and want to make sure his family "gets enough food to eat", whatever that means. Or make up your own reason: whatever gets you to give Tobias Buckell money.

This is me asking you nicely. There are still 21 days left to give Tobias Buckell money. If it gets down to a week and one of your pets and/or smaller children happens to "mysteriously disappear," you can probably figure out how to get them back.

I'm joking, of course. Besides it won't even come to that. Will it....

Oh, and in case you missed the link which I so subtly dropped throughout the flowing genius word assemblage above. Here it is again. There's even a cool video and junk. And if Kickstarter works the way it's suppossed to, you should see a status bar right down here.

Note: if you read this sentence before you see a Kickstarter widget - damnit.


  1. Is this why I haven't seen a Books of September post? You're holding us hostage until we fund Buckell's project?

  2. Ummmmmmmm. You noticed?

    That's totally why. It has nothing to do with the fact that I've busy out of my head...

    Fortunately, it's almost done.

  3. Just some friendly prodding.

    Though I'll add that your monthly spotlight posts are the single best resource of any of the book blogs I follow. Good stuff and keep them coming.

  4. Well, I'm glad someone is enjoying them. I appreciate the feedback, sometimes I feel like I'm yelling at myself over here.

  5. Wow! Never heard of him but you make such an impassioned plea that I wish I had some coinage to throw at the guy to help you(him) out.

    I'll do the next best thing though....I'll tweet it :D

  6. ..well, looks like a retweet of your tweet is about the size of it. You really should consider adding a 'tweet this' button to your posts. It'd be enormous help to those of us who are chronically lazy and a boon to your 'can't be bothered to write up a witty tweet about this post' readership :D


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