Feb 14, 2011

Covering [Hypothetical] Covers: Behemoth - Scott Westerfeld.

Over on his blog, Scott Westerfeld is showing off the German cover of his latest book, Behemoth. Hidden behind the jump, is what the US cover would have looked like if vengeful demons had not possessed the art director over at Simon Pulse.
Cover Artist: Unkown.

Excuse me while I go print this out and Scalzi it to the edition I already have, which sadly looks like this:

Cover Artist: Unknown


If you don't understand my frustration, here is what the original Leviathan cover and the what-should-have-been cover to Behemoth would look like side by side.

Barking spiders, what were they thinking?


  1. They would have looked beautiful next to each other.

  2. This makes me wonder what the heck happened at the publisher's art department. Making sure books in a series have a consistent visual identity is kind of Marketing 101, isn't it? There must have been some politics involved, with some personal contempt for the losing side on top.

  3. Fck I want that cover! I'm gonna order the UK one or something, not wasting my money on the US travesty :S

  4. My reaction exactly when I saw what the cover of Behemoth was originally going to look like, except add a bit more outrage -sigh- I just keep keep hoping that the publishers do a limited edition run of that cover and quite possibly a matching Goliath cover so I can buy them even though I already own copies of the books. I would gladly buy them again if they were published with those gorgeous covers sigh.

    The cover artist for the awesome not published edition and the published edition with the faces is the same person - Sammy Yuen Jr.


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