Nov 17, 2010

Covering Covers: The King of the Crags - Stephen Deas

Cover Artist: Stephen Youll

Few images are more synonymous with mainstream fantasy than dragons. So it's no surprise that when it comes to cover art, they're as overused as cloaks or swords.

But just because something is overused doesn't mean it can't be used right. The King of the Crags, like it's predecessor [The Adamantine Palace], has an absolutely outstanding cover. Love the blue tone. Love the text box title. It's sharp, clean and eye-catching. Not to mention the fact that the dragon looks like the The King of the Crags.

For a cover to be really successful in my opinion, it has to be eye-catching, artistic, and most importantly marketable. I like to talk about unique covers but at the same time, if the publisher doesn't put the author in position to move books, they aren't doing anyone any favors. King of the Crags delivers that trademark fantasy cover but in an extremely well executed fashion. Art directors, take note.
In his "utterly fascinating" (Book Smuggler) debut, The Adamantine Palace, Stephen Deas "restored [dragons] to all their scaly, fire-breathing glory" (Daily Telegraph). Now, as the Realms teeter on the brink of war, the fate of humanity rests in the survival of one majestic white dragon.

Prince Jehal has had his way-now his lover Zafir sits atop the Realms with hundreds of dragons and their riders at her beck and call. But Jehal's plots are far from over, for he isn't content to sit back and watch Zafir command the earth and sky. He wants that glory for himself- no matter who he must sacrifice to get it. The one thing Jehal fears is that the white dragon still lives-and if that is so, then blood will flow, on all sides...

The King of the Crags is due out from Roc on Feb 1, 2011.


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