Jun 11, 2010

Author Nicknames

If writing were boxing, what would your favorite authors nicknames be? Off the top of my head
  • Joe "Say Fitch and Die" Abercrombie
  • Steven "Doorstop" Erikson
  • Orson "Speak Loudly and Carry a Little Doctor" Scott Card
  • Neil "Bling Bling" Gaiman
  • Cory "Creative Commoner" Doctorow
  • George "The (Eventual) Finisher" R.R. Martin
  • Bill "Don't Call Me Fairytale" Willingham
  • Jim "The Booklist" Butcher
  • J.K. "Bible-beater" Rowling
  • Matt "Tie-In Literature" Stover
  • John "The Rabid Zombie" Scalzi
  • China "The Good Weird" Mieville
  • Norman "Demon Cowboy" Partridge
  • Ted "I Win" Chiang
  • Paolo "Mr. B" Bacigalupi
  • Patrick "Baby Bunyan" Rothfuss
  • Terry "Tolkein 2.0" Brooks
  • Terry "Get Me Off This List" Goodkind
  • Scott "The Hangman" Lynch
  • Blake "Blackthorn Ale" Charlton
  • Peter "Sleeper Agent" Watts
  • Mary "Puppetmaster" Robinette Kowal
  • William "Al Gore" Gibson 
  • Alastair "The Millionaire" Reynolds
  • L. Ron "Faithmaker" Hubbard
  • Jay "Word Machine" Lake
Any others?


  1. Oh dude, you nailed Goodkind so well. :D I bet he would react that way.

    Anyway, Bible-beater is my favorite. It has a certain ring to it.

    While Blackthron Ale seems so royal.

  2. Awesome post.

    Janny "Wordy" Wurts
    Aldous "Indefatigable" Huxley

    Those are my lame attempts.


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