May 1, 2010

YetiStomper Picks for May

Today is May 1st. I'm getting married today but that doesn't mean I'm going to skip out on the monthly preview, although this is a very annotated version. [Don't worry this was written well in advance, keep the comments clean.]

Moxyland - Lauren Beukes

Standalone near-future SF set in South Africa. Brilliant stuff, full review here.

For the Win - Cory Doctorow

YA near future SF involving internet culture. Recommended for fans of Little Brother

Ship Breaker - Paolo Bacigalupi

YA sort-of-near future SF with a bit of an environmental twist. Ship Breaker isn't as good as The Windup Girl (my favorite novel of 2009) as Bacigalupi works slight better writing torward an adult audience but Bacigalupi is still in fine form.

Occultation - Laird Barron

Horror short-story anthology from Night Shade Books. Barron is one of the brightest new stars in the horror short market and he returns to his particular horror stylings in his second collection.

Lesser Demons - Norman Partridge

Horror short-story anthology from Subterranean Press. Partridge is one of the best prose stylists I've ever read and Lesser Demons witnesses his take on several types of American pulp fiction. Full review here.

Slights - Kaaron Warren

US release of horror standalone novel from Angry Robot Books. Warren is one of my Authors Worth Watching and the UK release of Slights made several Best of 2009 lists.

Kid Vs. Squid - Greg Van Eekhout

Another Author Worth Watching, Eekhout has penned a middle school novel pitting child against cephalopod. Eekhout is an up and coming genre writer and this kiddie tale should be fun for all ages.

The Prince of Mist - Carlos Luiz Zafon

Foreign writer Zafon's follow-up to The Angel's Game sees its English translation.

The Devil in Green - Mark Chadbourn

Chadbourn and Pyr return to the world established in Chadbourn's Age of Misrule trilogy with this first of three follow up books.

House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds

PB US release of one of Reynolds latest. Reynolds is one of, if not the best British SF Writers today and his work is well worth buying in any format. But I like books to line up on my shelf and I have plenty of books to read so paperback for me.

Even though it's been out in the UK for about a year, I'm still declaring Moxyland my YetiStomper Pick for May AND the YetiStomper Debut for May. It's just that good. If it doesn't sound right for you, you also can't go wrong with Bacigalupi or Doctorow (or any of these books). Lots of YA and horrot this month, I'd suggest not getting the two confused. Anyway, as always, if you are interested in more details regarding any of the above books, just click on through the Amazon links. I'm more interested in telling you why I recommended them rather than simply what the books are about. Let me know if there is anything I may have missed in the comments. And which one of these covers is your favorite?

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  1. Going to have to take a look-see at this Moxyland...

    But most, a happy Yetiwedding to you!

  2. Congratulations on your marriage, and blessings and best of luck to you and yours for the future.


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