Oct 3, 2011

Twitter Followers: A Graph

To those of you who fall into the "green" category - Thank You. You're the people I wanted to talk to when I started this bastion of mediocrity I call a blog and you're the main reason I'm still trying to keep with it.

To everyone else...well, you won't be reading this anyway...


  1. I'm starting to feel the same way about my own Twitter followers sometimes. I think about 10% of them are people who actually read my blog or know me in some fashion.

  2. Personally I prefer following blogs to twitter. But then it seems a lot of twitter posts are responses to others and I feel like I just stepped into the middle of a conversation.

    That said, thanks for the blog (and the twitter)! When I recently wanted to get myself more 'in the know' per say with what's coming out in sf/f, I found your blog first. It's nice to be able to walk through a bookstore and actually recognize titles.

  3. I don't follow you on twitter, but since I recently started following your blog I have gone out and bought 2 good reads you recommended, so please keep it up. I agree with Linds that it's nice to recognise titles in a bookstore.


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